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Midjourney AI - Jim Henson's Batman Tales

Batman reimagined by the Midjourney AI. I expect I will be posting quite a few of these AI videos.
Jim Henson's Batman Tales
A live action fantasy Batman television series, created and produced by Jim an alternate universe. Created with Midjourney AI Music by D R O N E W I T C H #midjourneyai #midjourney #midjourneycommunity #aigenerated #jimhenson #batman #fantasy

Who Would Be Jacobite King of the UK Today?

The royal line of succession to the crown of the UK has (at least) two competing camps. Here's some history about the Jacobite line of succession.. with a fun twist at the end, too.

Blood type donor compatibility chart

If you know your blood type, but don't know who you can donate to or receive from, here is a convenient chart to look that up.