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It has indeed been a long, strange road that has led to this point, the inevitable purpose of the site. Originally just a place to dump all my insanity to the outside world, it has now become, well, a place to dump all my insanity to the outside world.

Welcome to my site, there's lots to enjoy, learn, and be angry or just simply confused about. Hopefully soon we can get some form of a bulletin board going so you can have more than just a possibility for feedback but rather also a place to have for discussion and exchange of ideas. aims to be a site that honors the God that gave his life for me, and while the "insaner" moniker originally referred to my own sense of insanity, its now more a reference to the insanity of the Gospel, the means that the living God chose to save fallen, unworthy sinners..

Be aware, the site has been transitioning into this, and there might still be stuff that should not be there, and of course a lot of stuff thats left up (and hopefully clearly labelled as such) for "museum" type purposes.. merely so you see who insaner used to be, in comparison to who I am now.. not by any means perfect, or able to make any claims to be in any way "good" (Romans 3:10-12) but simply someone being constantly corrected and conformed to the image of Christ by the Holy Spirit of God.

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