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last updated: January 14, 2020

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Below are some questions I have had to deal with (or just randomly decided to answer here) and the answers that I give to such.. check back every once in a while, I update this page with better answers (and questions) all the time:

(This FAQ will eventually have to be fixed up to be.. a little less lame.)

FAQ: frequently asked questions


whats the longest you've gone without sleep?

-60 hours

whats the longest you've slept for without waking up?

-19.5 hours (previous record was 19 hours, and i did that thrice in one year!)

whats the longest you've gone without eating?

-5 days (subsisting on water only)

whats the longest you've gone without eating or drinking?

-48 hours.

where do you get your nickname from?

-um, from doing stuff like not sleeping for 60 hours then sleeping 19..

why are you insaner?

-"We are fools for Christ's sake, but you are wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are distinguished, but we are dishonored!" -1 Corinthians 4:10

are you stupid or something?


you wanna fight!?!?

-no. unless it is a battle of wit, in which case YOU'RE ON, SUCKAH!


what are some of the stranger meats/animals you have eaten?

-bugs of all sorts (scorpions, spiders, ants, crickets, larvae), cuy (small rodent), capybara (world's largest rodent), llama, alpaca, ostrich, kangaroo, alligator, beaver, frog, horse, elk, boar, swordfish, shark, whale, puffin.. and I cant remember what else.

which was the best tasting one?

-the ostrich was amazing.. simply amazing, horse was pretty good too.

which was the worst?

-oof, the beaver by a looong shot. it tasted like what the place where they live in smells like. and I'm actually not convinced this was supposed to be the case in hindsight.. I'm pretty sure the terrible cook had something to do with it. UPDATE (2014): yeah, it was the cook's fault, I have since tried beaver again, and it was just amazing.


how many countries have you been to?

-60 countries (61 if counting Scotland as a separate country) in 6 continents (if counting Central America as a separate continent). These are (counting only countries where I actually experienced something of the country, and not just airport landings or trips when I was a baby):

have you ever been denied entry into a country?

-yes, North Korea, thanks to this site. Yeah, they literally told me North Korean government officials looked me up, found this site, and said it contained "material of concern" and denied my visa, some 5 days before we were to leave on the trip.

which are your favorite countries to visit/which countries would you visit again?

-Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Barbados, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Estonia.

what are the furthest cardinal points you have been to on Earth (while on land/sea.. technically I flew past the international date line)?


what languages are spoken in Belgium?

-Dutch (flemmish) 57%, French 33%, German 1.5% and some Luxembourgeois.

what is the real (official) name of Switzerland?

-Confoederatio Helvetica.

which languages do you speak?


what is the meaning of life?

-to Glorify God (see: 1 Corinthians 10:31).

are you immortal?

-yes, being saved by Grace through the faith granted by my Lord Jesus Christ means I have eternal life. and not just that, but i have already died.. to sin, and quite literally in a physical sense too

do ghosts exist?

-yes, but not how you think... (once upon a time, "ghost" meant the same as "spirit".. so if you believe you have a spirit, then you believe in ghosts! .. unless of course you believe only you have a spirit..)


why are my parents so weird?

-Parents have that duty. They have to be weird so we can be normal.

how is it that my son is so smart?

-ah, well, it skips a generation


who is the BEST actor?

-John Malkovich or Gary Oldman... Giovanni Ribisi is also amazing.

who is the funniest person alive?

-Jim Carrey... although, I'm not sure what he's upto these days

what is the funniest show currently on air?

-[waiting for this one to be defined].

what is the best show currently on air?


what is the best video game of all time?

-final fantasy vii, without a doubt.


I don't smoke or drink, is it OK to smoke pot?

-It affects your judgment (ability to make discern right from wrong, and hence your ability to appropriately make decisions), so no.

who is the weirdest person you've met?

-I'm pleading the fifth on this one...

who is Justin Case?

-hahahah, yes, he IS!

who/what is "B.O.B."/Bob?

-(man, I gotta write a whole section on that one.... but basically, I am BOB, you are BOB, we are BOB, BOB BOB BOB!)


what is the best song you've ever heard?

-"my Lord I did not choose you" is perhaps the new one on my list..

what is a good depressive song?

-Immortality by Pearl Jam

what is a good song to get up and dance like a crazy person? (I have witnesses to this)

-Flat Beat by Mr Oizo

which instruments can you play?

-not that I play them well or read sheet music, but: guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, recorder, harmonica, (I really wish I could say "drums" here too, but a severe lack of rhythm inhibits me from saying so)


why do people fall in love?

-Because love is beautiful, and it is a reflection of the nature of God.

who is the BEST looking girl?

-this chinese peruvian girl I met in canada once..

why don't girls like me?

-cuz you're either a jerk, anti-social, unconfident, stinky, ugly or all of the above, and all can be quite easily resolved.

what can I do to be a "playah"?

-don't be a player.


why can't I dance?

-you aren't movin' yer hips...

what is the value of pi to 31 d.p.?


what is this thing on my back?

-I dont know, but dont pick at it..

why doesn't anything on your site work?

-You got here didn't you? That's ONE thing.

ok but why is it so ugly and lame?

-hmm.. yeah, I dont know, I guess I haven't put that much effort into that either.



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