ask a question, get an insaner answer...

revised March 8, 2010

[this the old FAQ i had up, it's left more for "museum"-type purposes than anything else. see the new FAQ here]

below are some questions i have had to deal with and the answers that i give to such:

FAQ: frequently asked questions


whats the longest you've gone without sleep?
-60 hours

whats the longest you've slept for without waking up?
-19 hours (and ive done that thrice this year!)

where do you get your nickname from?
-um, from doing stuff like not sleeping for 60 hours then sleeping 19..

why are you insaner?
-Life made me the way I am...

are you stupid or something?

you wanna fight!?!?


why do people fall in love?
-Because love is beautiful.

where do the most beautiful girls come from?
-(after some travelling the world, i have decided to plead the fifth on this one)

who is the BEST looking girl?
-this chinese peruvian girl i met in canada once..

who has the sexiest voice?
-me. (heehee)

why don't girls like me?
-cuz you don't like yourself.

what can I do to be a "playah"?
-don't be a player.

where do the UGLIEST girls come from?


what is the meaning of life?
-to know what the meaning of true love is. to know that someone already died for us, out of exactly that love.

are you immortal?
-yes, accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior gives me eternal life.

why are my parents so weird?
-Parents have that duty. They have to be weird so we can be normal.

how is it that my son is so smart?
-it skips a generation

do ghosts exist?
-yes, but not how you think...


who is the BEST actor?
-John Malkovic or Gary Oldman.

who is the BEST actress?
-Brittany Murphy or Mira Sorvino.

who is the funniest person alive?
-Jim Carrey.


why do people smoke?
-they like smelling bad, having yellow teeth and they want to die young choking on their own collapsing lungs.

why do people suck?
-They haven't learnt the meaning of kindness, give them a Bible and a hug...

I don't smoke or drink, is it OK to smoke pot?
-If you feel you have to, no.

who is the weirdest person you've met?
-crizo, seriously, he takes the cake... which reminds me...

who is Justin Case?
-hahahah, yes, he IS!

who/what is "B.O.B."/Bob?
-(dein, i gotta write a whole section on that one....)

who is a bigger jerk, duh-bya BUSH or Bill GATES?
-I've seen myself forced to change my answer to GATES on this one upon newer evidence that has come to light (no pun intended!).


what languages are spoken in Belgium?
-Dutch (flemmish) 57%, French 33%, German 1.5% and some Luxembourgeois.

what is the real (official) name of Switzerland?
-Confederatio Helvetia.


why doesn't anything in your page work?
-You got here didn't you? That's ONE thing.

what is the funniest interweppeij that you have ever seen?
-shiggity shiggity shwa....


what is the best song you've ever heard?
-"everyday" is up there..

what is a good depressive song?
-Immortality by Pearl Jam


why can't i dance?
-you aren't movin' yer hips...

what is the value of pi to 31 d.p.?

what is this thing on my back?
-i dont know, but dont pick at it..


is fatboy slim retarded?
-no, YOU are retarded!!!

why are you getting so angry at me?
-cuz you're asking such stupid questions!