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last updated: July 16, 2014

I decided that since today is my birthday, and I have soooooooo many wants and needs, that I would just post a page on my site with all of thems..

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(anything on the dvd list I wouldnt mind as a bluray, but if its on the bluray list, then I specifically want it as a bluray)


  • district 9
  • prometheus (got the bluray!)
  • rise of the planet of the apes (got the bluray!)
  • knight and day
  • chronicle (got the bluray!)
  • the adjustment bureau

blu rays:

  • daniel craig 007 collection
  • district 9

Playstation games et al.

by the way, as you may know, as long as you own the original, sony allows you to have backups.. so you can give me the gift of joy of a broken cd of an original game, and then I could get a backup for it somewhere and be able to play it legally.. in other words, I accept these games in any condition and region code:

games (psone):

  • bomberman (any)
  • crash bash
  • crash team racing
  • earthworm jim 2
  • nba jam tournament edition
  • poy poy 2
  • silent hill
  • skullmonkeys
  • slap happy rhythm busters
  • anna kournikova smash court tennis [i think this game doesnt actually exist for NTSC]
  • armored core
  • blasto
  • brave fencer musashi
  • carmageddon
  • chrono trigger
  • die hard trilogy 2
  • final fantasy ix
  • gta 2
  • hot shots golf 2
  • loaded
  • mdk [need box/manual]
  • megaman 8 [need box/manual]
  • megaman x6
  • metal gear solid
  • nba jam extreme [need box/manual]
  • one [yaaay!]
  • oddworld 2: abes exoddus
  • sheep
  • street fighter alpha 2
  • tekken 3
  • tomb raider (1,2,3)
  • tomb raider: last revelation
  • vagrant story
  • vigilante8
  • vigilante8: second offence
  • wild 9
  • worms world party [need manual]
  • xenogears
  • -- any multitap game~! --

games (ps2):

  • sega genesis collection
  • teenage mutant ninja turtles: smash-up
  • burnout 3: takedown
  • max payne
  • megaman: anniversary collection
  • sonic mega collection
  • tekken 5
  • tomb raider (any) [got Legends]
  • twisted metal black
  • -- any multitap game~! --

games (ps3):

  • playstation all-stars battle royale
  • army of two: the 40th day
  • -- any multiplayer co-op or 4-player head to head game! --

et al (hehe):

  • a working memory card [my brother gave me a 64mb ps2 card, and a friend gave me a ps1 card]
  • a slate gray dual shock2 controller (those are the transparent gray ones -- got it for $5!!!)
  • a transparent blue dual shock2 controller (got an awesome deal too!)
  • dual shock2 controller [I actually got myself a wireless controller for $10.. pretty sweet, ah?]

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