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Si hoc legere scis numium eruditionis habes.

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Usually we go places and think: "wow, this is exactly where i wanted to be!!!" well.. this is one of those cases where you wont be able to say that.. unless... well... you are weird... and let's face it.. we are all weird... else, it would be... well... weird. Have you ever been to a page like or or whatever other pages you've been to, and thought "that is what I wanted"? well the slogan at is: "it isn't about what you want or like... it's about what insaner likes"

"well that's just stupid" you may say... and yes, you may. But then again, you yourself might be stupid as well, so then where does that leave us? nowhere. So what the who are you rambling about? Seriously, shut up already! ugh, it's like I can't even get a single word through to you!!

And then it's Vietnam allll over again... "You weren't there man, you don't know!" that's true, I wasn't in Vietnam, so if that is the reason why you are here, then GET OUT!!!

So, basically, is... well... about insaner. And what is insaner? Wrong question. WHO is insaner? Well.. there are lots of insane people out there.. and i mean lots, but only I am insaner. This site is basically the output onto the world of what is insaner. Yes, what. Not who, because I am insaner, but what.

And so this weppeij puntocom dot com looks like what insaner is. And all that is here is insaner, because I am insaner and this is my friggin site! and yes, most of it is kleen, but I do talk about poop a lot... not too much tho, its just that I like the word. It's a cool word. Poop. Poop. Say it with me: "Poop". Its like "pop!" but with a ring (and a smell) to it.

I have been censored before, and I'll say it again: "I am against censoring" if GOD Himself said I could say what I wanted to say, who the what is anyone to say I can't???? So, here you will find my poems, short stories and rantings, my art, and if you don't like 'em... then scruyu!!! There's also the possibility for you to post your own stuff. And that means that other people will and may (yes, in that order) have their stuff on here as well (you egocentrical BASTARD!) is also the place to learn about "bob" and all that is "bob".. including "&B.O.B.;", the origins of "bob", "insaner", "DJ BOB", "deadduck", "insane inglish", 169, and some other random stuff... which is what bob is allllll about...

comments? wanna sign a guestbook? wanna play calvinball? wanna leave? wanna send hate mail? take a tab: grenade

This entire site including most of the images and all the html files are the unique creation of insaner and are property of insaner and and can be used freely (that's right! LONG LIVE GPL!!) provided due credit is given to insaner and . No html editors were used in the development of the code for the pages in this site. (Thats right, all typed out..)

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