chris cho: quick facts

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quoth chris cho:
"mem, im a descendant of Joan of Arc.. you know, because of the D'Arc part.."
"umm, crizo, you know she didnt leave descendents, right?"
"mem! i know! i mean like from one of her cousins mem.."
indeed, chris cho is blue-blood... or.. you know.. whatever it makes him..


self donned:
La Rising (phonetic form of "raisin")
Momia (mummy)
Mumm-Ra (think: "thundercats")
Mr Burns (think: "the simpsons")
Chris Cho
The Darke Knight
the exotic flower
(countless more, but due to lack of funding, the research team has been unable to uncover these)

physical qualities:

dry as a raisin
boney knees
lots, and lots of moles.. hairy moles
very thin, very


in sport:
amateur surfer
feared soccer defender

in technology:

in life:
the inhuman ability to twirl the hairs on his mole(s)
The Darke Knight, and all that encompasses knighthood
fully bilingual speaking english and spanish (whether mere commoners as us can understand what he is saying or not)

[ fan club | quick facts | bio | tales of the darke knight ]

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