chris cho: the man, the mystery

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Believed to be a direct descendant of Joan of Ark, Christopher James Darke has led a life many can only dream of. Being born an English gentleman, his home town, none other than the birthplace of the toughest, "male-est" sport in current existance, Rugby. Truly making him a tough man, though mostly at the knee caps, infamous, feared weapons of annihilation to opposing soccer players, as well as the occasional unlucky teammate. Much of his early childhood is still unknown, or perhaps simply unclear.. time which will be referred to here as "the lost years".

His town not providing the required excitement in life, he went on to live to other, more adventurous parts of the world. Serving an example to the incult indians in Peru was no simple matter, but armed with his refined English accent and slim demeanor, he went on to win the popularity of the masses. But, soon, even this wasn't enough and he had to move on. The beautiful paradise called Costa Rica was to be his next home. He immediately caused quite an impression on fellow classmates, usually being the center of attention, with his extraordinary tales, random comments and information on unrelated subjects. It wasn't long before he became the talk of the halls. Rumors as to his identity and other personal aspects began to arise. His status was officially marked by the sheer amount of references in conversation made to him, everyone having a preferred name with which to address him. Soon, puberty assaulted, and things only went uphill.

Always known for the intriguing moles dotting his curved physique, his new found male qualities would earn him even more success with the opposite sex. Few females could resist his charm, and many fell victim, from the unsuspecting young 13 year old to the well-matured 33 year old, all before he reached legal age.

Despite his unnatural advantage in soccer, his talent was never recognized. Frustrated, he took towards other means of recreation, music and technology fulfilling those just desired releases. Many times seen with a guitar seductively by his side, he went on to become quite dextrous at the art of making it gently weep. His technological abilities, surpassed only by his entrepeneurial thirst, led him to found, the successful Gobi Productions web development company, specializing in cutting edge technologies and methods.

to be continued..

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