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last updated: Oct 30, 2016

You've probably heard of the concept before, especially since there's a movie with the same title.. well, a bucketlist is basically a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket" (in other words, "die"). and so one day I was thinking, "man, theres so much I would like to do before I die.. I should make it official and write up a bucket list!" and so here it is (not in order of importance) also, I will just be crossing goals off from each list, no matter what year I accomplished it in (since I seem to not have made a list for 2012, for example):

Also, I will be modifying this list in the future, as inspired by someone else's take on the bucketlist, which they called the "impossible list", a list of things they thought would be impossible to accomplish, but then.. accomplished many.. to the point where they had to raise their own bar and add new items. So, my bucketlist is intermingled with an "impossible list" of my own. Soon I will clean up most of the dumb, old stuff (and formatting) on the site, and it will be a little easier to read. Maybe I should add that to the bucketlist (or the impossible list!) haha.



  • finish learning hebrew (to the point where I'm fluent)
  • finish learning german (to the point where I'm fluent)
  • finish learning french (to the point where I can now actually get mugged in.. err)
  • learn koine greek well enough to read the new testament
  • learn another non-latin language (japanese, korean, russian, etc..)


  • run a half-marathon
  • run a marathon

the arts:

  • learn to draw well (not sure what level I would need to achieve to consider this "done")
  • have a speaking part in a feature length wide distribution movie (like hollywoood)
  • sell and get a movie script made into a wide distribution movie
  • direct a movie (im not counting "matt")
  • write and get a book published
  • release a CD
  • learn to play the drums
  • learn to read music for harmonica and/or recorder
  • make a couch from scratch


  • see a polar bear in its natural habitat
  • see a bear in its natural habitat [august 2012]
  • see a wolf in its natural habitat [august 2012]
  • see a penguin in its natural habitat [april 2010]
  • see a whale in its natural habitat
  • see a lion in its natural habitat


  • go sky diving
  • bungee


  • do a tour of africa
  • do a tour of south america [spring 2010]
  • do a tour of north america (ie, visit all 3 main north american countries.. finally did mexico in Dec 2015)
  • visit all 50 states in the USA
  • visit all provinces and territories in Canada
  • do a tour of asia (4 countries so far)
  • go inside the arctic circle
  • visit Antarctica
  • visit Australia
  • live in Israel for a year
  • visit half the countries on the planet (I'm already halfway there!)


  • start a self-sustaining company
  • get some code committed to the linux kernel tree
  • share the full Gospel with someone famous (president, actor, etc..)
  • have 3+ kids and be an exemplary father to them
  • adopt an older kid
  • go to a closed muslim country as a missionary (and most likely die there as such)
  • show the love of Christ to someone who hates Him
  • glorify God in everything i do

retroactive list

(ie, stuff i had already done when i wrote the list)
  • get married
  • pastor a church
  • become financially independent
  • get a university degree
  • sponsor a missionary
  • see an erupting volcano

2014 list of goals to achieve:

measurable goals for 2014:

  • launch 4 products in my business
  • finish writing children's book
  • finish the basic outline of my fiction novel
  • 15 youtube videos up (new ones.. not just reuploads)
  • see the aurora borealis
  • run a sub-30minute 6k
  • run a sub-20minute 6k (haha, yeah right.. well, dream big, right?)

2013 list of goals to achieve:

measurable goals for 2013:

  • launch 6 products in my business
  • 15 youtube videos up (new ones.. not just reuploads)
  • see the aurora borealis
yeah, not too ambitious this year..

seems i missed 2012..

2011 list of goals to achieve:

measurable goals for 2011:

  • get my own business rolling (have an independent income within the first 3 months)
  • 15 youtube videos up
  • finish reediting my movie [hah, the drive died.. i wont have time to devote to this any time soon now]
  • see a bear (hopefully polar bear too), beaver, in natural habitat
  • see the aurora borealis
  • see one of those urban possums!
  • go to the zoo here!! (yeah, in 7 years ive never gone!!)
  • finish drafts of both screenplays
  • finally read through the whole bible (and blog through it!)
  • finally get my driver's license (yeah seriously, im only 10 years late on this one)
  • learn how to use a sewing machine and make something useful with it

general goals for 2011 (not really measurable):

  • get a little more drawing done
  • learn to play ice hockey
  • learn some basic greek (koine)
  • take up parkour as a sport (whoa, seriously??)
  • learn how to make simple electronics circuits (FM radio etc)

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